Buttermilk Marinated Chicken (raw for fried chicken), appr. 1.1 kg (8 pcs)

Designed for making the best fried chicken every time, this chicken is brined, then marinated in buttermilk with aromatics. Delivered raw and frozen in the marinade, it's ready to thaw and cook.

Try it with our seasoned breading packs sold separately!

It also works perfectly as a pan roasted chicken with gravy (also sold separately).

To fry:

1. Ensure chicken is thawed completely before cooking.

2. Place thawed chicken in a bowl including the marinade. 

3. Add 1/2 cup Herbed Breading Mix and mix with the liquid marinade to create a thick batter. 
4. Preheat frying oil to 330f/165c

5. Dredge battered chicken in breading mix (one pack chicken per one pack breading mix). Shake off excess breading. 

5. Fry at 330f/165c for 10-12 minutes, or until chicken is fully cooked.


To pan roast

1. Ensure chicken is thawed completely before cooking.

2. Drain marinade, and dry on paper towels to prevent splattering

3. Preheat a sauté/frying pan over medium-high heat

4. Add oil to pan

5. Sauté chicken in oil on all sides until brown and cooked through